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I'm Mason Boilla, a video production student at Naugatuck Valley Community College and owner of Mason Boilla: Film & Photography LLC. With over 10 years of experience as a filmmaker and photography, my passion for filmmaking began during my high school years, where I honed my skills in Video Production classes and created my first short film, inspired by "To Kill A Mockingbird." Since then, I've directed, shot, and edited numerous films and a documentary, earning recognition at film festivals throughout the Tri-State area. As owner of Mason Boilla: Film & Photography LLC, I offer video and photographic services for businesses and couples, providing fresh and intimate perspectives. Contact me for a free quote and let's collaborate on your next project. Looking forward to working with you!


NewsTimes article featuring my documentary "How to Succeed in Drama Without Really Trying" in the NewsTimes on September  3rd, 2020.

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